Rev. Katherine Economou

Katherine is a minister, teacher, spiritual counselor and guide. After years of personal inquiry, seeking and study, she found herself and her spiritual home through the Center for Spiritual Living. This center is based on the Science of Mind, which is a philosophy for living that emphasizes self-empowerment through connecting with our inner source, which is Spirit.

“I wanted to get involved with this project for a couple of reasons. First, I love Vallie and am so impressed with how much she gives to all of those around her. She is a special soul with so much love to share that I am inspired to give my gifts to support her on her journey. Also, I believe that no matter what the issue is that someone is dealing with in their life, there is a spiritual component to it and in order for a lasting shift or change to happen, the spiritual life must be addressed. So our work will be centered around exploring her relationship to the Divine nature of her own being and seeing how by strengthening that connection, she will be able to create what it is that she desires in all aspects of her life.”

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