Nika Water

Why did we choose to be involved?
“These days, it seems like every individual, company, school etc. wants to tie something good and cause-related into what they are doing… and we think that’s GREAT! We’re extremely proud to be part of Vallie’s newest project, to not only better herself, but bring awareness to some worthy groups while doing so. With the large and devoted community that has surrounded Vallie in all that she does, it’s amazing to see her use that as an opportunity to share that attention with the things that mean so much to her. Good luck, we’re rooting for you all the way!”
- Jordan Mellul   General Manager, Nika Water
Nika Water donates 100% of our profits to clean water, education and sanitation projects in developing countries to help end poverty. Through the 3 NGOs that we currently work with (Free The Children, Project Concern International and Millennium Promise) we have already committed over $400,000 to water wells, water catchment systems, plumbing, schools and trees in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Nicaragua. Nika Water is also one of the most environmentally friendly bottled waters on the market. Through reforestation, we offset our carbon footprint fully leaving no lasting negative impression on our planet. For every 4 cases of Nika sold, a tree is planted that takes in the same amount of CO2 that the production and lifespan of those 4 cases created. For every bottle of Nika sold, Nika works with schools and waste management in the US to ensure that a similar bottle is recycled in that sold Nika’s place. This means that we are not adding any new plastic into the environment without taking the same amount out first. Third, we are currently moving our bottle lines over to be made from RPET. This is a plastic that is recyclable like regular bottles, but is made from ALL post-consumer bottles. Lateral recycling means that they are bottles made from bottles.

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