Artist, designer and manufacturer, Scott Wilson grew up in San Diego, California. Currently, the founder and CEO of HeartThreads™, a clothing line designed to inspire from the inside-out, his passion for fashion and associated industries came at an early age. He likes to say that it is his mother’s fault he is in the clothing business as his mother, Maggie Wilson, an inspiring interior designer, would take him to the upholstery fabric mills when he was just three years old. Even at a young age, he loved the colors and the feel of the fabrics and was hooked on every aspect of the business. Since then his life has revolved around clothing – from being a sales representative and retail store owner to private label manufacture and package design, Wilson has done it all.
Wilson’s first job in the industry was in 1979 as a sales representative and graphic artist for a silk screen printing company called Venice T-Shirt in El Segundo, CA. At the time they were considered one of the best shirt printers in the country. So Wilson began his career working and learning from the best in the industry, studying and applying techniques that contemporary printers still think are cutting edge.
Due to Wilson’s passion for skiing and the outdoors, in 1984 he moved to Utah and became a territory (UT, WY and ID) representative for a couple of ski wear companies. It was a dream job as he was basically paid to ski a 100 days a year at some of the best ski resorts in the country while touting his goods. It was during this time that Scott Wilson’s interest in clothing design started to take hold as a career. He would take apart and redesign his own ski suits to make them more functional, not solely fashionable, as he thought skiers should have both.
In 1987 he decided if the shops and stores that he was selling to could do it, so could he. So Scott opened two retail clothing stores called Expressions, one in Salt Lake City the other in Boise in which he brought surf wear and hand painted clothing to the inner mountain west. It was an extremely creative time for him. The Salt Lake store had a studio in the back where he would teach hand painting clothing classes to students of all ages. After a few years he realized that he wanted to be more creative than retail would allow him to be and sold the business.
In 1990 he formed Tour Image Apparel, a domestic private label manufacturing company. For 20 years, Tour Image perfected what it means to be a “full package contractor” in both the retail and wholesale markets. Tour Image designed, developed and manufactured for some of the top brands in the industry. They made everything from kids clothing to adult active wear with all items being manufactured at their facility in San Marcos, CA.. Manufacturing their own goods assured consistent quality, ability to meet deadlines and personalized service and Tour Image was honored with two very distinguished apparel awards for design and quality excellence. In 2000, the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) awarded Tour Image the “souvenir” award for best children’s t-shirt design at the IAAPA 2000 Annual Convention and Trade Show. The award winning design was entered in the IAAPA’s competition by Lego Global Family Attractions, which used Tour Image to design an array of coordinated packages for both the US and European parks. In 2002, Disney Worldwide Attractions awarded Tour Image their “Top Vendor” award for excellent service in active wear category. In a two year span Wilson is proud to say he never had a single reject or return.
In 2010, Wilson’s career in the apparel business changed again. After a close friend’s daughter passed away, Scott wanted to do something to express his love and support for the family. Having a contract to print the father’s company shirts, Scott came up with the idea to print a portrait picture of the daughter on the inside of the shirt above the heart so she could be close to his heart all times. His vision was to create an inspiring “message close to the heart”. As many creations evolve from the mind, this concept was conceived from the heart. Seeing the joy it brought this father and family, combined with the belief that “what’s on the inside, has more meaning than what’s on the outside”, HeartThreads™ Clothing was born. Scott now knows what the purpose of all these years of knowledge and expertise in the apparel industry was for – he is creating inspiring art from the inside-out to promote a positive attitude and inner peace to all that wear the shirts to remind us that wherever we go, good things come from the heart.
Be the miracle.

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