Stacey Westbrook

I met Vallie during a time of deep transition in my life. I had just moved to Oceanside and literally a month later, my sister lost her battle with breast cancer. And like most lessons in life, it was a catalyst for profound change. I did a breast cancer walk that summer and somewhere within me in that hot August sun was the belief I could run again- 100 pounds overweight and grieving I jogged those first steps with tears in my eyes and (hardly ever) looked back. The story that I told myself of what I was capable of at that weight and that age began to fall away and with each step what I believed about myself and what I thought was possible began to change. 2 years later I am down 70 pounds. I jog 2 to 3 miles most days and this year for the first time in a long time I began to practice yoga in earnest. Chubby girls can’t bend I told myself. Well it turns out that story isn’t true either. The point is we all have a stories somewhere in our lives about who we are, what we are worthy of receiving, what we can do or can’t do.

Why I am Involved….

I’m on board here to challenge these stories all of them- (mine included), to poke at them with a stick to stir them up to put them out there and share them with others . I encourage us all to ditch the fiction and murder our myths, to remove the fog the haze and bullshit until what we really are is crystal clear illuminated and something we LOVE. It’s more than just Surviving. Decide To Thrive. I’ll help you. My new moniker? Stacey Westbrook, Thrivival Instructor.

Stacey is an esthetician, reiki practitioner, deeksha giver, dog walker, tarot reader and a believer in the magic of life.