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Hi Friends! I’m Vallie Gilley a 37-year-old goddess born and raised in sunny Oceanside California. I’m a self proclaimed Foodie, Chef and Baker. I own a coffee shop in Oceanside called , which in a nutshell is a community clubhouse for my friends and customers.

I am the Founder/CEO of , a concerts for causes foundation based on creative generosity where we as a team support each other as artists, musicians, business owners and as a community through food and music. I work a lot! I’m the den mother to our friends and customers, the keeper of secrets, the resident birthday baker, the food orderer for all family dinners (LOL) and the supporter of community breakdowns and break through. I’m the ringleader of my crazy family; the best mama to my 18 pound orange kitten Bella and the most domestic and hilarious housewife to my boyfriend of fifteen years, super Clayton.

I work hard, play hard, laugh harder and love tough. Sleep in my book is overrated, and I never come first on my own to do list…clearly that hasn’t been working out because I woke up and was way too tired, too heavy and too broken emotionally and physically down to function anymore. So, starting today, join me on my journey to loose 100 pounds, heal from the loss of my mother, grow as a businessperson, strive to be an athlete, and still be a funny chef, baker and foodie. The difference is that now I’m fueling my body instead of my emotions, getting in shape and still being of service to everyone. It’s just now about the balance of it all and to live the most amazing life possible. Through this awesome journey I will be finding the PERFECT BITE OF LIFE- because today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Let’s get this party started, friends!!!!!

Love and Gratitude,
Vallie Gilley

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