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Hi friends,

Down 2 more pounds…. Amazing!!!!

I feel great and I feel committed to myself. There has been a lot of positive movement, transformation, and changes going on in my world. Commitment was such a challenge in the past, but not now. I feel less stressed, I sleep better then I have in years and when it comes to food choices I don’t feel deprived at all. I can eat what I want, just less. I make sure to add plenty of veggies and good fats, I changed things to be more balanced and believe me it’s been tough to eat more often and not just drink coffee and eat easy carbohydrates. I wont lie there has been some rough days but now there is no regrets and guilt with food ever, I just keep moving and get back on track if I derail for a brief moment. Speaking of moving, I keep moving a lot. I walk everyday with Cody Girl, and I add in extra movement anyway I can, whether it’s a cardio blast tape or laps at my gym. On days where I work 12 to 15 hours, I usually don’t workout ’cause I’m on my feet, but I do watch what I eat as to not over-indulge or exceed my calorie intake. My other change and commitment is drinking a ton of water and thanks to my friends at NIKA I’m totally hydrated through out this whole journey. If you don’t know about them, you should. They are a super conscientious company and donate 100% of their profits to bringing clean water to people. . It’s the only water we sell at .

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Gratitude, Abundance and Avocados

Yeah, weigh in was great. I’m at a very abundant 277, and I’m happy and grateful about that because it’s 3 pounds less then last week’s weigh in. I have received so many emails of support, facebook posts, texts & instagram messages, as well as a whole lot of phone calls. There is loads of love and support pouring out of my community and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

There is a quote I want to share with you it’s my daily reminder:

Gratitude is the open door to abundance.

~ Unknown

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Via Instagram – Yes!!!! Friends!!!! Down 3 More lbs :0) whoot whoot

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Well I couldn’t be a more excited, friends! After 8 weeks of work outs, wellness visits, nutritional changes and a few awful days of the flu that seemed to last at least three weeks, I have weighed in for the first time and… I LOST 15 POUNDS!!!!!!!