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Dog Gone Good

At we have a lot of doggie friends, and therefore we have a lot of doggie treats. Most dogs drag their owners in because they know the treat lady is in there. I’m a favorite to our four legged friends; some customers have even said that all they have to say is want to go see Vallie, and dogs go running for the door. I love my daily encounters with furry cuteness. I’ve wanted a dog for years, and when my mom was sick, I urged my father to get a dog to help with her quality of life. At the time, we choose not to because we really had a lot on our plates, and in the end that was a smart decision. Then, after my mother’s passing a few months back, I suggested a dog for companionship for my father, and that was 86ed immediately. Last week my father had a break in at his house. He suggested a shotgun. I suggested a dog. He said “No” again. He said he didn’t want a dog because it’s too much work. So sad, and still yearning for a canine companion of some sort, I’m defeated one more time. Some of you might think “Why not get one on your own?” Well two things: my father and I live on the same property so if he says “No” it’s a no, and Clayton my boyfriend said he wants a dog that doesn’t shed and one that doesn’t sh*t. So basically, he doesn’t want to clean up after a dog. My only choice a stuffed animal (LOL). The men in my life crush all my dreams of a dog. My dreams of having a walking companion were gone: no shiny-coated Rottweiler or a cute Labradoodle. I give up!

At least I have my Jitters friends.

And then………………

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Orange You Glad

All right friends- I have been sick with some nasty cold/flu for two weeks, and in case you didn’t know, I hate to be tied down. Today I woke up feeling better. Thank Heavens!!!! Now I will go back to the gym, and I’m excited about that for sure. It kind of makes me giggle ’cause I can’t believe I missed my workouts, but it’s true friends. Oh lord I’m creating a fitness monster within.

Along with working out comes my nutrition. Two to three times a month, I will meet with Florence Quinn my nutritionist and she will be giving me tips and recipes, as well as a lot of support. I’m learning to fuel my body, not fuel my emotions. It’s so comforting and so rewarding to make these changes for myself.

Every week Florence will be sending me a “Food of the Week” which I will share, and also I will add it into a yummy recipe and share with you. The irony of this week’s food is that I had just left Whole Foods and I bought one perfect orange just because it looked so luscious. I never eat oranges, I never buy oranges and I hardly ever drink OJ. But blame the cold, I found myself loading it into my cart. Then, an hour later, I saw Florence’s email and was like “Wow!” The universe had a plan for me. (LOL) Vitamin C in a perfect package. Here is my orange :0) Read more