Everyday Is A Holiday!

But You Don’t Have To Eat Like It’s One….

I love a day off like the next person. Usually, we take ours only on major holidays because coffee is an everyday necessity for most people, so, being closed is a major No No in our business. But we do close when we can and we have less complaints on holidays. Our customers seem to give us dispensation… Thank you friends! LOL.

After a Holiday it seems there is always a mixed sense of emptiness and relief. I always feel overwhelmed during preparation, a sense of release after it’s over, then sadness that my day off is over. I love having a day off, it is a truly a treat for someone who works every day. I woke up at 7 AM- a real sleep in for me. I made a pot of coffee and read and relaxed in my PJs. Amazing…Perfect…Awesome!

It’s always nice to spend time with family and friends. My house: My whole life has been the house. You know, the one where all are welcomed and all are served. Once you have been there one time, you’re instant family. I think growing up in an environment that is so family- and community-based has made me the person I am today (and the business owner I am today for that matter). My coffee shop Jitter’s is truly a community clubhouse and I love that!

Holidays are tough when you’re watching your diet. This Holiday I ate potatoes and cake and a roll- not all at once, hahaha, but I did, and I didn’t worry about it. I also had salad and roasted veggies along with my taters and bread. Oh and butter – I forgot LOL. But life is happening around us; I mean holidays happen too, you just have to monitor what is taken in. Do this though without guilt. If you’re going to eat it, eat it and enjoy it, if you’re going to be guilty, don’t eat it, ’cause it’s going to be toxic to you completely. Food should never be associated with stress, negative emotions and/or guilt. It doesn’t serve us. I felt like I indulged for sure, and my stomach sort of feels different today, but heck- I enjoyed it. This morning it’s back to coffee, oatmeal with almonds and blackberries, and exercise. Back on track and ready to go. I’m worthy of all things good, and what’s good is my health and happiness. I’m living this life and enjoying every step of the way. I just don’t have to eat like everyday is a holiday…

Happy Monday Friends!

In gratitude and carbohydrates,



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